Are you the partner of a trans* or genderqueer person?

Walking alongside your partner as they transition can be challenging.  While witnessing your partner's transformation into a happier, healthier person is rewarding, being the main source of support on their journey can be depleting.  It can also be confusing to engage in the process of reevaluating your own identity, both in the context of the relationship and as an individual.

I've been working with trans* and genderqueer folks who are involved in intimate relationships for many years, and it almost always makes sense to include their partner(s) in a couple of therapy sessions so that questions can be answered and confusion can be clarified in the relationship.

It also makes sense for you to have your own time to work through the issues that arise around a partner's transition.  Maybe you are grieving the loss of certain aspects of your relationship.  Maybe your partner's and/or your own sexual orientation looks different now.  Maybe you are feeling isolated and cut off from friends and family, or you're not sure how to tell them about the changes that are happening in your life.  Maybe you are struggling to figure out who you are in the midst of all the chaos.